#TerrorCult happiness at the @blackflamecollective

In this little corner of my world is a major chunk of my happiness.

Well, if I can’t get this job with my qualifications in sales, maybe my ass can help.

A big change to my creative life will happen after this bath. Purge time.

And yay for Friday! I promise myself I will paint this weekend. But now, decompression time.

The soles are falling off my shoes. I am not pleased.

Just don’t let this be a sign that the day is going to drag on. #snail


Late night watching Markiplier videos. Realizing, I’ve never been happier in my life and these two are my Necromorphs.

The dangers of a job where you cuddle puppies all day.

She must have been lonely today. Hasn’t left me alone since I sat. #kitty #cat

#kitty  #cat